This page is to keep you up to date with all the training events organised by Offa’s Dyke Group.

To access all the training notes and other useful information from previous training sessions see ‘Archive of Articles

Training day at CaradocJill at Caradoc

Training events

We organise a range of training events throughout the year, including the winter months, when there aren’t many rides to go to. So far in 2013 these have included:


Novice training day 2009Map reading at the indoor trainig day 2009






Our plans for the rest of the year include more schooling lessons this time at Usk College as well as Huntley - hopefully this means more EGB members and associate members (including those in surrounding Groups) will have the chance to join us in these winter schooling lessons.


Archive of Articles

The following articles are taken from past training events that we have organised.  They are personal views and are offered to show what we do.  Every horse is different and we learn by trial and error what works best for us.  If you have any experiences or advice that you would like to share with us please us.  

Please note that some of these articles were prepared some time ago and may not reflect the latest rule changes.  However, they are still a useful source of information.

Preparing for your first ride (2005)

Tips on what to do before a ride (2009)

Crewing list – what to take (2005)

Vet gate timecard procedure (2009)

Crewing a CR vet-gate – Leslie Dunn (2009)

Crewing an ER vet-gate – Liz Taylor (2009)