Types of Membership

Anyone can take part in an EGB fun or pleasure ride, but there are restrictions on the type and distance of ride non-members can take part in (see below)

To progress up the levels from Novice to Open and then Advanced, the rider needs to be a full member of EGB and the horse has to be registered.

Registered horses have a log book, which stays with them for life and records all the EGB rides they have done. Horses and riders have to progress up through the levels increasing the distance speed as they go until they eventually become ‘Advanced’. At that time they are able to compete in any ride organised by EGB up to the ultimate 160km (100mile) endurance ride!

If you want to try out Endurance riding and see if it is for you and your horse, there are several options available:

The Try Before You Buy scheme was introduced in 2011 and is an opportunity for those new to endurance riding to enter a novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER) up to 40km before applying to become an EGB member and registering their horse. Successful completion of the ride is awarded with an appropriate rosette. No trophy points can be gained and no progression towards novice qualification can be gained. This offer is purely to allow non-members to experience an endurance ride and is limited to two rides per applicant.  

Try Before You Buy can be only applied for online and rides must be entered on line.

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What rides can they do?

Temporary Day Members

Associate Members

Full Members of EGB


What does membership cost?

Temporary Day Membership

Associate Membership

Full Membership of EGB


What do you get?

Temporary Day Members

Associate Members

Full Members of EGB