You are very welcome to all of our rides!

Non Members can enter any of our fun or pleasure rides by paying an extra £8 temporary day membership (TDM). Come along and have a lovely day out riding a well marked route through a different part of the countryside. You don’t need an Arab horse or any special equipment to start off. Endurance is a very friendly sport. You aren’t competing against each other, just completing the route within the time to get your rosette.

Offa’s Dyke 2014 rides
Full details on the ‘rides and events’ page
including entry forms, maps, photos and ride reports

Sun 2 March Forest of Dean March Hares National pleasure ride
Sat 20 April Forest of Dean Bluebell Group fun ride
Sun 6 July Black Mountains Group fun ride
Sun 28 July Cranham National pleasure ride
 September Bwlch Raid Group fun ride

Group fun rides:

National pleasure rides:

These are run by the EGB on behalf of their members but many rides include pleasure rides which are open to non-members.

What sort of horse and equipment do I need?

Horse:  Any breed of pony or horse can compete – you don’t need an Arab!

Tack:  You don’t need any special tack just what’s comfortable for your horse. Any recognised bridle, with or without a bit and any type of saddle may be used. The only things we don’t allow are draw reins & Market Harboroughs. Leg protection may be worn.

Rider:  You need a hat conforming to standards PAS015, BSEN1384, EN1384 or ASTM/SEI and footwear with at least ½ inch heel – not wellies. No spurs and whips less than 75cm long.

Do I have a vet & farrier check?

These only happen at National rides, listed in the National EGB schedule. Our group fun rides don’t have any of these. You just come along, ride around the course in the given time & collect your rosette. (To find out what happens at the farrier & vet checks at National rides, please see our web pages on ‘getting started’)

How do I enter?

Both are available from the ‘forms’ page.

Do I have to enter in advance?

Yes. Most of our rides have a closing date a couple of weeks before, to allow the ride organiser time to send you the information and map of the route. Occasionally, we allow late entries if we have space – check with the organiser (there may be an extra 'late entry fee').

What happens on the day?

What are the rules?

Do I need to map read?

Our routes are well marked. Usually with Dayglo orange tapes or spray paint and you should easily find your way around. You will be sent a map in advance and sometimes a ‘talk through’ to go with it. This is to help familiarise you with where the checkpoints are and any splits in the course. You shouldn’t need to map read, but carry the map and talk through with you just in case you go wrong, or markers go missing!

At the end of the ride:  

At a National pleasure ride you may have to present to the vet again when you’ve finished, but at a group fun ride you can relax and enjoy a well deserved rest. Sort out your horse before collecting your rosette from the secretary and returning your number bib. We hope you really enjoy your ride and will come again!

Further Information:

A handy 2-page summary guide is available as a pdf download file by clicking here.  This is the information that we give out on our training days for new members.

Suggested crewing kit and other useful tips are available as a pdf download file by clicking here.